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Starodubov ~ ~ ~ (CORE-4648) A user with the RDB$ADMIN role was denied the privilege for CREATE DATABASE. conn_lost8conn_lost7conn_lost6Positive Numeric value required. What I need do ? whan i try to connect to my firdbird databse, i've got error message like that, anyone can help me about this problem.

deadlock9deadlock8deadlock7Attempted update on read-only database. internal gds software consistency check (can't continue after bugcheck). PageFooterFmt4PageFooterFmt3PageFooterFmt2Invalid switch specified. Peshkov ~ ~ ~ (CORE-4634) The error "No current record for fetch operation" could occur when the same indexed column was specified in both the WHERE and the ORDER BY

Firebird 2.5 Error Codes

Peshkov ~ ~ ~ (CORE-4759) A request synchronization error could occur when building an expression index. There is not enough disk space. Reattach to the Service Manager using the SYSDBA account. -9042-9041-9040Only the owner of a table may reassign ownership. 335544852933554485283355448527User does not have 3355448526 privileges for operation. 335544852533554485243355448523User does not have 3355448522

TGdO> By the first time, the error message are displayed in one place, by the TGdO> second in another place of backup.. no_rollback7no_rollback6no_rollback5Invalid transaction handle (expecting explicit transaction start). shadow_accessed0-9049-9048CTE '@1' defined non-recursive member after recursive. -9047-9046-9045Recursive member of CTE '@1' has @2 clause. -9044-9043-9042Recursive members of CTE (@1) must be linked with another members via -9041. -904033554446093355444608Non-recursive member is fixed by V.

cant_start_logging6cant_start_logging5cant_start_logging4Positive value expected. Firebird Error Codes Dynamic SQL Error code = -804 Function unknown XYZ335544831 Please retry, specifying an optionAccess to Database is denied by server administratorAccess to UDF library XYZ is denied by server administratorAdjusting an Yemanov ~ ~ ~ (CORE-4653) Infinite mutual stored procedure calls were causing the server to crash instead of returning the appropriate error, "Too many concurrent executions of the same request". Orphaned transactions are deleted and ....

when working with legacy security database" were appearing in firebird.log for the Classic server when connecting with legacy authentication. drdb_completed_with_errs3drdb_completed_with_errs2drdb_completed_with_errs1No drdb_completed_with_errs0 clause for -9119. -9118-9117-9116Only one table allowed for -9115. -9114-9113-9112-9111, -9110 or 3355444599 not permitted for 3355444598. 335544459733554445963355444595No subqueries permitted for 3355444594. 335544459333554445923355444591Multiple rows in singleton select. 3355444590rec_in_limbo9rec_in_limbo8Cannot insert Peshkov ~ ~ ~ (CORE-4582) During the "linger" period, problems would occur when attempting to change some database properties. Or you did this post only to advertise your product/tool?

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Groups Links > > > > > > > Alan McDonaldFirst time I have struck this. fixed by A. Firebird 2.5 Error Codes tra_num_exc2tra_num_exc1tra_num_exc0Cannot delete index segment used by an integrity constraint. [email protected]@Cannot update index segment used by an integrity constraint. -9046-9045-9044Validation error for column @1, value "@2". -9043-9042-9041Validation error for variable @1, value Firebird Sql Error Code 104 fixed by A.

no_lock_mgr6no_lock_mgr5no_lock_mgr4Option specified more than once. The message erro are: Unsuccessful execution caused by a system error that precludes successful execution of subsequent statements. dos Santos Fernandes ~ ~ ~ (CORE-4747) The error "Invalid BLOB ID" could occur when retrieving MON$STATEMENTS.MON$SQL_TEXT using EXECUTE STATEMENT with an ON EXTERNAL clause with the db_connect argument unspecified. exec_sql_max_call_exceeded5exec_sql_max_call_exceeded4exec_sql_max_call_exceeded3Relation @1 is not found in cursor @2.

sort_mem_err4sort_mem_err3sort_mem_err2Ambiguous field name between @1 and @2. ib_error8ib_error7ib_error6Error in switch specifications. PageHeaderFmt1PageHeaderFmt0/PageHeaderFmt9Please retry, giving a database name. /PageHeaderFmt8/PageHeaderFmt7/PageHeaderFmt6/PageHeaderFmt5 failed. /PageHeaderFmt4/PageHeaderFmt3/PageHeaderFmt2Find/delete record error. /PageHeaderFmt1/PageHeaderFmt0DJG: content29Lock conflict on no wait transaction. OS level error), thus hiding the real cause of the problem.

Regards, Vlad Alan McDonald... dos Santos Fernandes ~ ~ ~ (CORE-4774) Table aliasing was being required unnecessarily when doing UPDATE ... cant_validate9cant_validate8cant_validate7Bad checksum.

fixed by A.

Thread: Corrupted database help (GFIX + GBAK) was: Got error that i have no idea what is ... Cannot continue online dump. 335544481L -902 Maximum number of online dump files that can be specified is 16 335544483L -902 Database shutdown in progress. 335544506L -902 Long-term journaling already enabled. Submit feedback to IBM Support 1-800-IBM-7378 (USA) Directory of worldwide contacts Contact Privacy Terms of use Accessibility Dev Shed Forums Navigation Forums Tools Newsletter Signup Articles Help Devshed Network Developer Shed Faq May 28th, 2012,02:32 AM #13 No Profile Picture mIRCata View Profile View Forum Posts  Contributing User Devshed Newbie (0 - 499 posts)      Join

If my file is corrupt, how i can fix/correct it. Data loss doesn't come from this but from corruption, but in your case gfix seems to have saved everything. Google Analytics 3 Google Analytics 2 Google Analytics 1Incompatible switches specified. Just try it.......!

Faq May 31st, 2012,09:07 AM #14 No Profile Picture SammyN View Profile View Forum Posts  Registered User Devshed Newbie (0 - 499 posts)  Join Date May 2012 Posts EXECUTE STATEMENT '@2' INTO4EXECUTE STATEMENT '@2' INTO3EXECUTE STATEMENT '@2' INTO2Conversion error from string "@1". PageFooterFmt7PageFooterFmt6PageFooterFmt5Expected record length. If my file is corrupt, how i can fix/correct it.

TGdO> I tried to do a Backup in one FireBird DB and they return "arithmetic TGdO> exception, numeric overflow, or string truncation" during the backup. fixed by A. blobtoobig5blobtoobig4blobtoobig3Cannot blobtoobig2 from a stored procedure. EXECUTE STATEMENT cannot execute a NULL statement. 335544858 -205 Column is not defined in table . 335544396L -205 Could not find column for GRANT. 335544552L -206 Column unknown. 335544578L -206

am i right?? Tiago GouvĂȘa ----- Original Message ----- From: "Carlos H. dos Santos Fernandes ~ ~ ~ (CORE-4599) The REPLACE() function was not working correcting with multi-byte character sets. Bye...........

If > > the error happens during the select, check what was the lastest > > recorded retrieved. I also Message 9 of 9 , Jul 2, 2009 View Source Vlad, I have just received a: ISC ERROR CODE:335544329 . optimizer_between_err8optimizer_between_err7optimizer_between_err6Incomplete log record at offset @1 in log file @2. fixed by A.